You’ve arrived. Transcending time, space and place, we welcome you to the other side. We welcome you to this distinct experience and acquaintance. Welcome to Chupacabras. Weaving old-school surf rock, ruminations of 70’s film riffs and funk-filled flavors, one night with Chupacabras is enough to ignite dancers to delight, releasing young and old on a transformative exotic trajectory. A seven-piece band of brothers, Chupacabras peppers Afro-Cuban beats with jazz, rock and a captivating stage presence, inspiring audiences to move, love and live like never before. We’re glad you came.


Midnight Train To Brachanda

Flavors of psychedelic surf, exotica lounge, and cinema mixed with Afro-Cuban beats and tantalizing horn riffs fuel a boogie unlike any other


Putting the ‘trance’ in ‘transformative’ is but the beginning of the Chupacabras experience


Chupacabras is a party for your soul that your feet can’t ignore indulging in a kaleidoscope of sound that will penetrate your very soul